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That’s Not What I Meant

“Don’t find fault, find a remedy.” -Henry Ford

It’s easy to use sarcasm to make a point, or take a cheap shot.

As a leader, using sarcasm too often is really showing up small to the people who work for you.

Announcing, “Glad to see you’re on time,” to the person who’s late doesn’t help them; it serves only to embarrass. It’s negative energy and negative communication.

Instead, you might say, “This is the second time that you’ve come in after the hour. Is something going on that I could help with?”

You may find that they do have an issue, one that’s already embarrassing them without your help.

TRY THIS: Have one day without sarcasm. You may not feel as funny, but those around you won’t feel as funny either, or embarrassed, upset, or hurt. And you’ll find that if you stop, so will those around you.


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